How to Shop for Sunglasses


Sunglasses have recently become a very popular accessory. As little as only fifty years ago, very few people wore sunglasses on a regular basis. One reason for this was that people did not understand how important it was to keep their eyes shielded from the dangerous effects of the sun. Many studies have proven that UV rays are as damaging to our eyes as they are to our skin so it is more common for people to be wearing shades today than it was back then. Another reason that sunglasses were so unpopular was that there were not many attractive designs available for both men and women. Today, however, that has changed completely. There are so many options available that it is almost impossible to choose the pair that you want!

Most people decide the best approach is to go to a large retail store such as Sunglasses Hut, look at all the options, and start trying on pair after pair after pair. This method is very popular however, it is not the most effective and, once you do find the pair you like after two hours of shopping, you have to pay high retail prices. Save yourself time and money! Here is a quick guide finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape.

Oval. You are in luck because almost every frame works well with this face shape. Try wraparound frames or rectangular lenses for a standout look.

Round. You need frames that contrast with your round face shape so as not to emphasize this feature so you need to avoid round, circular frames. Try rectangular or angled frames instead and try to choose ones with a higher brow to draw the eye upward.

Diamond or Square. Since your face already has angles, you need to contrast this feature with softer frames. Round, soft corner square, or rimless frames work the best, and companies like Spy sunglasses excel with this style.

Oblong or Triangle. With these face shapes, round or square frames that are not wider than the broadest part of the face are ideal.

These guidelines are just suggestions. The bottom line is that you like your sunglasses and that they fit with your style, not someone else’s idea of what your style should be. Once you know what style you want, whether it’s Ray Ban or Chanel, try finding your new pair of shades online. You will find amazing discount prices and you will have saved both time and money!


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