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Vintage Red White and Blue Sunglasses by Eyewear’s Best Unknown Designer

I guess everybody in the U.S. begins their July 4th holiday tomorrow. Nowadays people in the United States eat barbecue, detonate small explosives and watch professionals detonate larger explosives by way of celebration. Things were more patriotic in 1976 when we had the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. You can tell by all the […]

Combat Used AN6531 WWII Aviator Sunglasses – But Who was Captain M.D. Butler?

Contractors made an enormous amount of materials for the U.S. Army and Navy during WWII. According to American Optical’s website: “Between 1943 and 1944, a total of 10 million goggles frames, 5 million pairs of sunglasses and over 6.5 million pairs of lenses were ground and polished including 1.4 million prescriptions delivered to the Armed […]

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