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Don Draper and the rising price of vintage AO aviator sunglasses.

Every now and then I hear people discuss the value of product placements. Some think they’re important, some don’t. Ultimately their worth depends on one’s ability to reach those customers that notice such things. For example, the Mad Men character Don Draper’s use of Vietnam era issue HGU-4/P sunglasses – a style we recently discussed […]

Were Roger McGuinn’s Little Square Shades Actually Pat Boone Licensed Sunglasses?

One thing hardly anyone knows is that not only were the Byrds’ Roger McGuinn’s little rectangular sunglasses probably made in Japan, they were very likely branded as “Pat Boone” sunglasses. Here are some originals, which folded up into the little pen-style case with Pat’s signature on it. McGuinn nixed the visor. I wonder if he […]

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