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Babe Ruth, Harold Lloyd, His Eyeglasses & New York City star in Speedy

Harold Lloyd was the first movie star to incorporate eyewear in an iconic persona. Babe Ruth was the most famous athlete in history. In 1928 both starred in a movie called “Speedy”. The film has some of the earliest location footage ever shot in New York City. Jessica WoodwardHalf eyewear influencer, half digital strategist… Glassesrating […]

Vintage Red White and Blue Sunglasses by Eyewear’s Best Unknown Designer

I guess everybody in the U.S. begins their July 4th holiday tomorrow. Nowadays people in the United States eat barbecue, detonate small explosives and watch professionals detonate larger explosives by way of celebration. Things were more patriotic in 1976 when we had the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. You can tell by all the […]

The threat to Luxottica

Last post I noted that Luxottica had guarded themselves pretty well from their licensors going in-house for eyewear. In recent years they’ve avoided licensing from the luxury goods conglomerates, which were always the most likely to go in-house. Truth is, though, Luxottica is still vulnerable. Maybe not as much as Safilo, but vulnerable. Jessica WoodwardHalf […]

1960s Op-Art Sunglasses

Fashion cycles went quickly and differed radically from year to year during the 1960s. I’ll admit I have a fondness for much of the design of the era. I still marvel at pictures of the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing New York. I’ve always liked Modernism with Jetsons overtones. Jessica WoodwardHalf eyewear influencer, half digital […]

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