Golf Glasses… Seriously.


Golfing glasses with adjustable swing-out lenses to help the wearer see the ball better, circa 1940s.

Derek C. Davidson was a collector who wrote “Spectacles, Lorgnettes and Monocles”. From his author’s bio:

“The late Derek Davidson trained as an optician. He started his own business and a workshop for custom-made fashion spectacles. He also began to collect old spectacles and was the founder of the Ophthalmic Antiques International Collectors Club.”

I own the book, which is small and nice, a bit like a pamphlet almost. When he passed away and there was an estate auction I picked up a few of his more interesting pieces. This is one of them. These glasses were designed around the 1940s for golfers with a pair of hinged secondary lenses that could be swung in or out, depending on whether the wearer was taking a shot. In other words, selective bifocals.

As you can see, Mr. Davidson’s hand written notes remain intact on the lenses, which I think makes them even nicer, sort of like an heirloom within this realm of collecting.

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